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$150 ~ 55 minutes


I do not accept any form of insurance,

but can offer a superbill to be used for out of network coverage.

I work with individuals for various reasons ranging from those who are seeking to understand themselves more, create more depth and harmony in their interpersonal relationships, embody and express their sexuality, find meaning in their work and social lives, move through trauma, process grief, and work with existing conditions like depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia, and other forms of mental health diagnoses.  

First and foremost, I base my individuals counseling on creating a strong therapeutic relationship in which my clients can feel comfortable just being themselves.  I'm a lover of uniqueness and idiosyncrasies, and have a knack for putting people at ease with me, and I work genuinely to create this kind of trust in our relationship.


In our work together, I use a present-focused approach, guiding clients to pay attention to various aspects of what they are experiencing in the moment, as a way to encourage a deepening of awareness and an understanding of why particular experiences are significant to our self-concept and way of experiencing the world.  

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